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Scott Lubansky



A Message From The Founder

     Professional Fundraising Counsel (PFC) has over 35 years of experience. We have raised over $300 million for churches, schools, hospitals, emergency shelters, developmentally disabled children and adults and many other human service organizations. 

    To stay true to your mission, you are focused on generating revenue to meet your objectives. Are you considering a capital campaign? Do you need a feasibility study? Do you need to create an endowment fund or grow an existing endowment? Can you raise funds for new programs or to assist you with reducing debt? Has your organization ever considered a planned giving campaign? These are all very important questions, and this is where PFC comes in. If you are considering a major campaign for any of the previously mentioned reasons, it is critical to take calculated steps to achieve your end. At PFC, our feasibility studies will properly evaluate your programs, facilities, financial resources and fundraising potential. A successful study is not just a census for potential donors to weigh in. It is a deliberate process to educate and cultivate potential donors and to involve them in your planning. A feasibility study will provide you with a strategy and more importantly a blueprint for success. 

     If you are going to build a new building or renovate existing structures, you need an architect and engineer to create the design and plan. The same is true when planning to raise millions. You need an experienced professional to design a fundraising plan and strategy to meet your objectives.

     Successful fundraising requires passionate volunteers, strong leadership and a solid fundraising plan. The plan must follow best practices and be based on sound fundraising principles. The development, implementation and management of your fundraising plan will require an experienced practitioner. At PFC, we are experienced practitioners, we will design and manage your plan and work with your leaders and volunteers to lead your projects to success. Our experience is our greatest asset. We can help you meet your priorities and goals professionally and proficiently.  

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How much can we raise?

Where will these funds come from?

How much will it cost?

Who will manage our campaign?

How long will it take?

Are we ready to conduct a campaign?

Who will develop our marketing and materials?

How should we communicate the campaign?


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